Terms & Conditions




1.    The following document contains General Terms and conditions under which the firm S`case Ltd. provides products and services through its online store www.scase.bg . The user expressly and unconditionally agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions for using the website and the online store. References in these Terms and conditions to ‘the seller’, ‘the dealer’and ‘the firm’ are to S`case Ltd., registered in Bulgaria, with main office located at Maria Luiza Blvd 80, Sofia and headquarters G.S.Rakovski Blvd 45, Dimitrovgrad.


2.    Log files are saved and analysed on www.scase.bg web server and capture user’s IP address and any other information needed for customer identification regarding the acceptance of general terms and conditions and placement of an order.


3.    The products displayed in the www.scase.bg website do not account for a legally binding offer. They are there for demonstration purposes only and describe the firm’s product line.


4.    Users agree to buy the goods located in the basket after pressing the ‘order’ button. This action is legally binding. Acceptance of the order and the completion of the contract between the user and the firm will take place when the customer receives a confirmation of the order.


5.   S`case Ltd. receives the right to cancel delivery of an accepted order in the case of inaccessible goods. If the required goods are not available within one working week, the firm will notify the customer through e-mail designated by the customer or through their telephone number. If the seller has received the payment, the customer can choose between a full refund, order cancellation and an exchange for similar product.


6.    The contract is concluded in Bulgarian and the payments are only accepted in Bulgarian levs including VAT (where applicable).


II.            DELIVERY


1.    All risk in the products ordered (including risk of loss and/or damage of products) shall pass to the customer when they are delivered to the delivery address specified in the order. Immediately after the goods are passed on the courier, S`case Ltd. is no longer liable for the risk which is transferred to the customer. The firm does not take responsibility for any delays providing the delay is due to courier or other supplier.


2.    Immediately after the delivery is made, the customer should carefully inspect all goods. Any faults and damages must be reported instantly to the dealer. If such damages are caused during transportation, S`case Ltd. is not accountable for the warranty of the products. If the seller has stated specific date and time of delivery in written form, the statement has legally binding force. In the case of false or incorrect delivery address, contact person and/or telephone number, the firm is not engaged with any obligations for order fulfilment.


2A. When the goods are being delivered, the customer or third party signs the supporting documents. Third party is anyone, whose name is not on the application form but accepts the goods and is at the delivery address stated by the customer. If the goods are not accepted, except in the cases written below, the refusal is considered unreasonable and the customer owes compensation for delivery charges and return of the goods. If the customer cannot be found within the delivery deadline period at the designated address or cannot provide other options for delivery within the delivery timescale, S`case Ltd. is no longer liable for the delivery of the goods ordered.


2B. If the delivered product clearly does not match the product ordered from the customer and this can be established by ordinary check, then the customer can insist on an exchange for the product which was originally ordered – as long as this happens within 24 hours from delivery.




S`case Ltd. offers its customers a warranty document for the purchased product, provided that there is a manufacturing guarantee accompanying it. The document consists of: addresses and telephone numbers of all authorised service centres for the purchased product, warranty conditions of those service centres or manufactures, warranty period for the purchased product.


IV.          PRICES


All prices quoted on the Website do not include postage and packaging. If the goods have to be sent to destinations outside Republic of Bulgaria, the customer must pay all import duties and/or custom fees and taxes, levied by the importing country.




1.    The customer can view and, after registration, purchase the products displayed in the online shop www.scase.bg .


2.    The customer has the right to know the status of their order.


3.    The customer has full responsibility for keeping their user name and password secure, as well as for all actions taken by them or third party regarding their user name and password. The user should immediately notify S`case Ltd. if there is evidence of unrightful use of their user name and password, as well as at any time when there is danger of doing so.


4.    The user shall make a payment for their order according to the payment methods stated on the webpage www.scase.bg .


5.    Every user, with or without being customer of  S`case Ltd.,  shall follow the statements below when using the website and its services:


·         not to violate and to respect the fundamental civil rights and liberties and human rights stated in the Constitution and the laws of Republic of Bulgaria and the relevant international acts and treaties;

·         not to offend the reputation of others and not to call on forced changes of the constitutional order, to commit any crimes, to violate the personality or to cause hostility based on race, nationality, ethnicity or religion;

·         not to break another’s possessive or non-possessive, absolute or relative rights and interests, as well as ownership rights, intellectual property rights etc. ;

·         to comply with Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, rules of morality and good manners, and Internet etiquette when using the services provided by www.scase.bg ;

·         to immediately inform S`case Ltd. in case of committed or found infringement when using the services provided;

·         not to download, send, receive, distribute or use in any way and not to make available to third parties any software, computer programmes, files, applications or other materials, which contain computer viruses, systems for unauthorised control (‘Trojan horse’), computer codes, or files allocated to interrupt, trouble, violate or limit the normal functions of computer hardware, software  or telecommunication equipment, or files which aim unauthorised penetration and access to foreign resources or software;

·         not to carry out malicious actions.

·         to compensate S`case Ltd. and any other third parties for all damages and lost profits, including all costs and paid attorney fees, incurred as a result of claims by and/or paid compensations to third parties with reference to Internet pages, hyperlinks, materials or information which the User has used,  placed on the server, sent, distributed, made available to third parties or made available through www.scase.bg, in violation of the law, these Terms and Conditions, good manners or Internet etiquette;

5A. The customer is obliged to give correct and valid telephone number, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay for goods and delivery charges, when the latter is not free of charge, and to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods. The delivery is considered retributive unless in case it is free, which would be expressly stated.




1.    S`case Ltd. has no obligation nor is able to objectively control the way users use the services provided.


2.    S`case Ltd. has the right, but is not obliged to keep records and information located on the server of www.scase.bg .


3.    S`case Ltd. has the right to cease, suspend or amend the services provided in regards to its website at any time, without notifying the customer, when the latter uses those services in breach of the terms and conditions as well as at the discretion of the firm. The dealer is not liable to users and third parties for any damages and lost profits, caused as a result of cessation, suspension, modification or limitation  of the services, or deletion, modification, deprivation, inauthenticity, inaccuracy or incompleteness of any messages, materials or information, which are transmitted, used, recorded or made available through www.scase.bg .


3A. After the payment is received, S`case Ltd. is obliged to transfer the ownership of the ordered goods to the customer, to deliver the ordered goods within the stated timescale, to check that all items are in good working condition before sending them to the customer (only if this is possible without breaking the packaging).


4.     S`case Ltd. is not liable for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication equipment, or for data loss, emerged from materials or resources which are searched, downloaded or used in any way through the services provided. Advice, consultation and help, given by the firm’s experts and staff in regards to the use of the services, does not generate any liability or obligations for the dealer. The firm is not liable for any incorrect information provided by the manufacturer of the products.


5.    S`case Ltd. may collect and use information related to its customers, whether they are registered or not.


6.    The information stated in the previous article may be used by S`case Ltd., unless the User has expressly disagreed with a statement which is sent to the e-mail address – sales@scase.bg. S`case Ltd.collects and uses information to improve the services it provides. All purposes for which S`case Ltd. will use the gathered information will comply with Bulgarian legislation, relevant international acts and good manners.


7.    S`case Ltd. is not liable for failure to fulfil its obligations under this contract in case of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances which the firm is not required to foresee – including any accidental events, problems in the Global networking and in the provision of services beyond the control of S`case Ltd..


8.    S`case Ltd. has the right to install and use cookies to collect information. Cookies are small encrypted text files that are stored on user’s computer or other device by the website. They provide user information by identifying and monitoring user’s browsing behaviour, visited websites, used hyperlinks, information used and recorded by the customer etc.




1.    S`case Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of personal information and personal details to its customers. Personal data will not be used, granted or brought to the knowledge of third parties, except in the cases and under the conditions stated in the General terms and conditions. S`case Ltd. is committed to protect personal data which is made available through the electronic application filled in for completing an order; this responsibility disappears if the customer has submitted inaccurate details. S`case Ltd. may use customer’s personal data solely for the purposes specified in the contract, providing that it abides the applicable legislation and the clauses of the General terms and conditions. Any other purposes related to personal data will comply with Bulgarian legislation, applicable international acts, Internet etiquette, rules of morality and good manners.

1A. S`case Ltd. undertakes not to disclose personal data to third parties – government bodies, companies, individuals etc. unless in the cases when it has obtained written consent from the customer, or the information is required by government bodies or officials, who have the power and the authority to require and collect such information. S`case Ltd. is bound to disclose the information under law.




S`case Ltd. may change these Terms and conditions at any time; this includes the right to modify the features of the services provided and these terms and conditions on the basis of changes in legislation.  S`case Ltd. shall notify the User for any changes in the Terms and conditions by placing a prominent notice on its website regarding the amendments and give the User sufficient time to familiarise themselves with them. If the User does not state that they disagree with the amendments within the given period, then the User is considered bound by them. If the User states that they disagree with the amendments within the given period, then S`case Ltd. has the right to immediately cease or suspend services offered to this User.




1.    A ‘Customer’ is anyone who has visited the website www.scase.bg on their computer.


2.    An ‘Order’ is all selected goods and all other attributes associated with the delivery method and payment method for the goods.


3.    The online store www.scase.bg is owned by S`case Ltd..


4.    All disputes between the parties shall be resolved with understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, all unsettled disputes, including disputes arisen from or referred to its interpretation, invalidity, execution or termination, as well as disputes for filling gaps in the contract or its adaptation to newly occurred circumstances, shall be resolved by competent court and according to Bulgarian legislation.