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Anti-Spy Fully covering glass protector PRIVACY for Motorola Moto G22 / Moto E32

Full Coverage 3D Privacy Series Glass Protector for Motorola Moto G22 / Moto E32 is made of a thermoformed tempered glass sheet that perfectly covers the phone's display and provides full screen protection without changing the touch sensitivity. Glass protector Privacy Series is the screen protector that performs a privacy function by tilting the phone at a small angle of 45 degrees. When you're riding a bus, elevator, subway, or at other public events, the person next to you can't clearly see what's being displayed on your phone, keeping your personal information safely hidden.

  The glass protector for Motorola Moto G22 / Moto E32 adapts perfectly to the design and color of the smartphone and is compatible with different types of cases.

Made of premium tempered glass with high quality and clarity, this privacy glass is much more transparent than other privacy screen protectors.

Glass hardness: 9H

Compatible with: Motorola Moto G22 / XT2231-2 / Moto E32

Easy to install. You can carefully remove and re-apply the screen protector if there is any problem during installation only.

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